Can Buckeyes engineer strong finish to season?

Can Buckeyes engineer strong finish to season?’s Steve Helwagen hosted his weekly Chat on Monday night. Check out the transcript below:

OhioState24: What do you think the timeline would be for a possible Ben Roderick offer?

Helwagen: Well, his high school season will be over some time in early to mid-March. OSU’s season also figures to be over in March. The first weekend of the NCAA is March 21-24. My guess is Holtmann would like to see if any of his returning players may not be back. That would make the decision to offer another 2019 high school graduate easier.

Then again, it’s possible that Roderick does so well that other Big Ten and major conference teams come in and they have no choice but to offer him or lose him.

They are probably figuring they will cross that bridge when they come to it. I see him as a very accomplished offensive player and probably has a Big Ten skill level.

I would be fine if they do offer him, but I know that paints them into a corner where they could only take one 2020 prospect — at least at this point. Sounds like both sides are keeping their options open. Just stay tuned I guess. He can’t sign anywhere until April, so there is time to sort it out.

Buckinay: Steve looking at the last 10 games on the schedule call your shot, who’s a W and who’s an L?

Helwagen: OK, here we go …


at Indiana ?

Illinois W

at MSU L


at Maryland L

Iowa W

at Purdue L

at NW ?

Wisconsin W

That’s 5 Ws, 3 Ls and 2 toss-ups … split those 2 and it’s 6-4 the rest of the way. That would get them to 20-11, 10-10 Big Ten

Probably then looking at like a 6 or 7 seed for Big Ten tournament, one win, one loss, that’s 21-12 … That’s what I’m thinking … home with Iowa and Wisconsin are far from automatic, however.

Buckinay: Know you posted a rundown of the 2020 MBB recruits awhile back but besides Loveday who are some possible bigs that could end up being a Buckeye? I know it’s still early in the cycle, hopefully by May, June we’ll know who’s on Holtmann’s radar.

Helwagen: They have offered 6-9 Jaemyn Brakefield from Huntington Prep and 6-9 Ben Carlson from Minnesota, both 2020 prospects. I think they are a long shot for those two. My guess is new targets will emerge in the spring observation period. They need a big man in the worst way, for sure.

Buckinay: On top of that when can 2020 Basketball recruits start taking Official visits?

Helwagen: Probably beginning in April after the HS and college seasons are complete.

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